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Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty, by Dr Matthew Whalley & Dr Hardeep Kaur

Original article by Dr. Matthew Whalley & Dr. Hardeep Kaur, published 2020 in Psychology Tools: Doctors Matthew Whalley and Hardeep Kaur discuss how worry and anxiety can cause stress and provide exercises to help reduce these issues in daily life. Learn effective strategies for dealing with worry and anxiety The article includes an overview of how worry, anxiety, and stress present and explores how these thought patterns can become a problem. Kaur and Whalley also offer suggestions to help mitigate issues that arise from excess worry. Anxiety reduction strategies offered include:

  • How to care for oneself by finding balance

  • Activity suggestions to distract from worry

  • Worry tree to help with defining real issues vs hypothetical ones

  • Worry postponement and “worry time”

  • Thought challenge exercises

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