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Getting Hired: A Primer for Individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome & NLD, by Barbara Bissonnette

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Download the original article by Barbara Bissonnette, published 2015 in Forward Motion Coaching (PDF link)

People on the autism spectrum often face confusion and frustration in their attempts to enter the workforce. ASD and NLD specialist job coach Barbara Bissonnette describes the hiring process in detail for ASD job candidates. Additionally she offers strategies and techniques that can increase successful job applications and interviews.

It’s not just getting hired, many factors can affect job search and retention for ASD individuals.

From executive function to interest and desire there are factors that autism spectrum individuals may overlook in their search for employment. Barbara details concrete changes one can make in resume writing to help eliminate needless detail or expand on important information. She also clearly explains language found in job listings for qualifications and requirements that may not be immediately understandable to people on the spectrum.

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