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Auticon’s New Impact Report on Benefits of Hiring Neurodiverse Workers, by Heather Kelly

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Original article by Heather Kelly, published June 30th 2020 in Make a Difference:

Heather Kelly interviews the CEO of Auticon Canada, Garth Johnson. With more governments and employers looking to hire neurodiverse workers, Garth provides insight into how to support employees with ASD and what employers can do to gain the benefit of “the Autism advantage”.

There is a culture difference between neurodiverse workers and neurotypical workers

Garth points out that employers need to work toward understanding differences in managing autism spectrum people. In particular ASD workers struggle with the interview process because of the nature of the interview as a social activity. When these and other changes are made to engage people on the spectrum both employees and employers come out ahead. For example, companies that work with Auticon report that their neurodiverse workers are productive, great with details and highly motivated.

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